1.The spa serial number (located on the name plate on the controller side).

2.A thorough description of the problem.

3.Photographs of the problem (if applicable) ,or video ,photograph the whole spa ,Contact Lovia spa either in writing or in person, within 10 days of the problem arising.Use all reasonable means to protect the spa from further damage.

1.What about the warranty?

A: (1) Structure: 5years;

(2) Shell: 3years

(3) Jets,Valves, Drainage,Pillow, Suction,Skirt,Pipes: 2years;

(4) Electrics: 2 years;

(5) Filter: 2 years;

(6) Other accessories:2 years

2.Is it installed inside or outside?

A: A spa can be installed indoors or outdoors, although over 90%, including those in cold weather climates, are installed outdoors.

The two main considerations for installing a spa indoors are: will it fit through the door, and is the structural strength of the flooring

adequate. A typical 3-person spa weighs approximately 2,500 lbs/1,150 kg when filled.

3.How often do I clean the spa?

A: Most manufacturers recommend draining and cleaning your spa no more than 3 or 4 times per year, depending on how frequently

you use it and how well you maintain your water. In most cases this simple process will only take about an hour to accomplish.

4.What is hydrotherapy?

A: Hydrotherapy is the combined effect of heat, massage, and buoyancy. Warm water dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow to sore

or damaged tissues, allowing oxygen and nutrients to help overworked muscles recover faster. Massage, provided by the spa's jet system,

relaxes tense muscles and relieves pressure on surrounding nerves. Massage also improves circulation and accelerates the body's natural

healing process. Buoyancy reduces your body's weight by 90%. This relieves pressure on strained joints and muscles. Hydrotherapy is widely

recognized as an effective method of alleviating the tension commonly associated with stress.

5.How is the temperature controlled?

A: Most quality spas have relatively sophisticated digital thermostatic controls. These highly reliable modern systems are capable of keeping

the spa water within one degree of any temperature you select. While this is important for comfort, it is also important for safety. You should

pay particular attention to the control system if you have children who will be using the spa. Better systems have safety locks and digital readouts.

A good indicator of the control system's quality is to read and compare manufacturers' warranties.

6.Do I need to install plumbing?

A: No. All above-ground portable spas are filled with water using a garden hose.

What about the warranty?

Here are a few simple rules to keep in mind: A product warranty is a performance and reliability agreement between you and the manufacturer. Avoid spa dealers who add prorated and deductible provisions. Make sure you read the manufacturer's warranty before buying, and compare coverage with other spas you are considering.

Still have questions?

Visit your local Lovia Spas dealer to find out everything you need to know about water chemistry and products or send us an Email.

How to use and maintain outdoor jacuzzi?

1. Please keep the outdoor jacuzzi clean to avoid blocking the drainage pipes by hair and debris.

2. Do not use acidic, strong alkaline detergents and organic solvents (such as alcohol, thinner, ammonia, acetone, etc.) to scrub the surface of outdoor massage bathtubs (including composite panels, plastic parts, aluminum parts, electroplating parts, spraying parts, etc.) Parts surface). It is recommended to use neutral detergent for outdoor massage bathtub cleaning.

3. Polishing with polishing agent can keep the surface bright as new.

4. Outdoor massage bathtub electroplating parts care: lightly wipe the electroplated parts with a flannel, do not wipe with a rough cloth, and prohibit organic solvents.

5. The surface of the outdoor jacuzzi is slightly scratched or burned by cigarettes. You can use toothpaste and soft cloth to grind the scratched area.

6. Outdoor massage bathtub body care: When scale and stains appear on the surface of the body, toothpaste can be applied to a soft cloth to wipe off.

7. During hydromassage, similar to hot springs, normal people would not use shower gel and shampoo in a hot spring pool. It can be seen that the outdoor jacuzzi is not for bathing, which is different from ordinary jacuzzi.

8. Clean the outdoor jacuzzi regularly. Hydromassage device cleaning Fill the outdoor jacuzzi with hot water at 40℃, add detergent at a dose of 2 grams per